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Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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SIGLENT SDG 5000 Series

80MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Siglent launches a new Arbitrary Waveform Generator with excellent functions - the SDG5000 series. With maximum 160MHz frequency, maximum 512Kpts wavelength, 500M sample rate for both two channels, SDG5000 becomes a highlight among all similar products.
High Frequency High Amplitude
Normal signal generator with 20Vpp can Max output 10MHz or 20MHz frequency, because the max amplitude output is negatively affected as the frequency rising. Siglent engineers improve the module of the amplifier in the analog channel of SDG5000 series. SDG5000 series in 20Vpp can output 40MHz frequency while 10Vpp matches 100MHz frequency. At the same volume Vpp, SDG5000 series has better output than others.
Isolated with earth
Most of signal generators are connected with the earth to reduce the noise. But that will be bad for some sensitive test instruments. The test result will be not accurate.
Siglent Engineers adopt the solution similar with Agilent signal generator to design SDG5000, which isolated the signal and cabinet, signal and ground, to achieve floating, make sure the pureness of testing ground and to stop instrument affecting testing load ground. The minimum output signal is 2mV (high impedance), while the floating deletes disturbance, the output of small signals are ensured.
Unique Pulse Wave Generating Technology
SDG5000 signal generator apply Siglent’s own pulse generating technology EasyPulse, so it can output stable, precise, wide range pulse wave, which becomes a leading product.

Main Features:

Dimension: 261mm(W)×104.85mm(H)×343.80mm(D)
Apply DDS technology, double channels output, phase adjustable
Output frequency up to160MHz, 500MSa/s sampling rate, 14bit vertical resolution, 512Kpts wave length
2ppm high frequency stability, -116dBc/Hz low phase noise
Abundant modulation functions, sweep-frequency output, burst output
Built-in high precision frequency counter, frequency up to 200MHz
Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host
Seamlessly workwith SIGLENT Digital Storage Oscilloscope and support remote command control

Product Specifications

Model-Overview SDG5082
Maximum Output Frequency 80MHz
Output Channels 2 CH
Sampling Rate 500MSa/s
Wave Length CH1: 16Kpts, CH2: 512Kpts
Frequency Resolution 1μHz
Vertical Resolution 14bit
Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian white noise, Arb
Modulation Function CH1/CH2≤40MHz: 1mVpp~10Vpp (50Ω), 2mVpp~20Vpp (high impedance) 40MHz~100MHz: 1mVpp~5Vpp(50Ω), 2mVpp~10Vpp(high impedance) 100MHz~130MHz: 1mVpp~2.5Vpp(50Ω),2mVpp~5Vpp(high impedance) 130MHz~160MHz: 1mVpp~1.5Vpp(50Ω),2mVpp~3Vpp(high impedance)
Frequency Counter Frequency range: 100 MHz~200 MHz
Display 4.3 inch TFT-LCT
Interface USB Host, USB Device
Optional Interface LAN,GPIB (IEEE-488)

At present, the method used to generate pulse signal by most of the signal generator is to fill the DDS waveform memory with the original pulse data. Editing the pulse waveform data table in advance, DDS can output the right pulse waveform corresponding to different rising and falling edge. Such kind of pulse waveform's edge and width can be fine adjusted, also with low jitter. Please see the block diagram below:

But there are some big defects for the methods:
Be affected by frequency parameter, the rising and falling edge would be very slow under low frequency.
Be limited by waveform length, the duty cycle can't be very small.
Waveform data need to be updated when changing the pulse's frequency, edge and width. If the waveform length is large, it need long time to change parameters of pulse.

To solve these problems, Siglent innovate a new algorithm about pulse generation. It is called EasyPulse technology which is built in the new SDG5000 series waveform generator. Based upon the EasyPulse, SDG5000 can produce low jitter, rapid rise and fall edge, without affected by frequency; extreme duty cycle; edge and width can be adjusted in large range, and fine. Here's the block diagram:

Advantages of the innovative EasyPulse can be listed as following:
Can output rapid rise and fall edge (6ns) under very low frequency (less than 1Hz).
Pulse width can be 12ns under low frequency, with extreme duty cycle.
Parameters of pulse can be easily and immediate changed without updating any waveform data.
Edge and pulse width can be adjusted widely.

Here're several measurements, to verify the outstanding performance of EasyPulse:

1. As indicated in P1, EasyPulse can kept rapid rise edge and fall edge (6ns); but ordinary DDS pulse edge is very slow (in millisecond). P1 Comparison of Pulse signal edge under 1Hz low Frequency:

2. For 1Hz pulse waveform, minimum width of EasyPulse can be 12ns with small duty ratio (less than 0.0001%). But pulse width of ordinary DDS is large and duty cycle can’t be adjusted small. P2 Comparison of pulse duty cycle under 1Hz low frequency:

3. When waveform generator outputs 0.1Hz pulse waveform. Edge of EasyPulse can be adjusted in large range, minimum edge is 6ns, and maximum edge is 6s; however there's limitation for adjustment of ordinary DDS pulse edge. P3 Comparison of edge adjustment of low frequency 0.1Hz pulse signal:

4. Using Siglent oscilloscope to measure the cycle to cycle jitter of EasyPulse, the RMS value (sdev value) is under 100ps. P4 EasyPulse waveform with low jitter:

As seen from these pictures, the performance and parameters of EasyPulse is perfect, any kinds of pulse signal can be easily output. No matter for high frequency or low frequency, EasyPulse performance can be kept.

Software updates by SIGLENT

software update
Software update SIGLENT - external Link


User Manual
Guaranty Card
CD (including EasyWave1.0 computer software system)
Power Cord (that fits the standard of destination country)
USB Cable
Quick Start
BNC Cable (optional)
GPIB (IEEE 488.2) (optional)

SIGLENT - The Biggest DSO Manufacturer (ODM) in the World

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Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator



Channels2 CH
Display4.3 inches TFT-LCD
Sampling rate500MSa/s
InterfaceUSB Device
WavelengthSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian white noise, Arb
Dimension(WxHxD) 261x104.85x343.80mm
Frequency80MHz (max. output)

Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Siglent SDG5082 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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