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#1 June 16, 2010 20:57:23

Daniel H.
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after reading about removing sqlite2 and mssql, I was thinking about some
problems with database-connections via pdo
on windows.

Pdo_mssql isn't included in the windows binaries anymore. Pdo_dblib is meant
for non MS-Plattforms.
Pdo_odbc doesn't work as replacement on Windows.
Reason: SQL-Statements working untouched with pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, pdo_oci,
pdo_pgsql and pdo_mssql
won't work with pdo_odbc (ODBC is complaining about datatype mismatches where
aren't any)

On the other hand pdo_oracle can't handle resultsets with a CLOB in each row...

After all, there is one question left: Is it advisably building a
multi-database-application with pdo in the moment?

Kind regards,

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