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#1 Oct. 2, 1999 02:11:43

Jim P.
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ANNOUNCE: Jazz 0.6beta (Pad++ successor)


I remember playing with Pad++ back in the early days of Gnome - it was
really cool (but proprietary).

Somebody should check this out - it's been rewritten in Java and it's
now under the MPL.


- Jim--- Begin Message ---Hello Pad++ friends,

It has been a long time since we have sent any mail about Pad++.
While we have not continued working on Pad++, the good news is
that we have been working hard for the past year on a successor
to Pad++ called Jazz. Jazz is now available (Version 0.6 beta) at:http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/jazz/Jazz is a 100% Java 2 platform for building Zoomable User Interfaces.
It supports all of the features that Pad++ does, but does so
in a much more open and extensible manner. While Pad++ was
designed to be a simple prototyping system, Jazz is designed
to be a serious system for reliable application development.

Jazz is built on a "scenegraph" model that comes from the
world of 3D graphics. It supports embedded Swing widgets,
multiple cameras, internal cameras (i.e., portals and lenses),
extensible internal structure, running as an applet, and more.
Jazz was recently featured on Sun's Java web site at:http://java.sun.com/features/1999/09/bederson.htmlThe best news is that Jazz is completely Open Source. We are
not making any proprietary claims. We hope that a community
of developers and users will develop, and this will be the
base of a software platform that many people will use and
benefit from.

Note that this list will not be used anymore, and so please
do not send requests to be removed from it. If you would like
to hear further announcements about Jazz, please register and
add yourself to the Jazz mailing lists at:http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/jazz/download/register.shtmlIf you'd like to discuss Jazz with a small but growing community,
send mail tomailto:

- Ben

| Prof. Ben Bederson Computer Science Department |
| Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) |
| www.cs.umd.edu/~bederson 3171 A.V. Williams Building |
| (301) 405-2764 University of Maryland |
| (301) 405-6707 (FAX) College Park, MD 20742 |
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#2 Oct. 6, 2017 04:39:57

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ANNOUNCE: Jazz 0.6beta (Pad++ successor)

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