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#1 Nov. 7, 2011 22:25:46

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MSPDebug version 0.18

MSPDebug version 0.18 is now available from Sourceforge [mspdebug.sourceforge.net].

Significant new features in this release are:
  • Support for new chips: MSP430F2121, MSP430F2012, MSP430F449.
  • Support for raw USB access to FET430UIF and eZ430-F2013.
  • Support for TI MSP430 library.
  • Various Win32 bug fixes.
  • GDB protocol bug fixes.
  • Section names are displayed when programming.

- Daniel Beer <dlbeer@gmail.com>


#2 Nov. 8, 2011 10:16:47

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MSPDebug version 0.18

Thank you for the update Daniel!!!


Open source stands for: better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, end to predatory vendor lock-in, freedom, autonomy of decision and a future to mankind!


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