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#1 Jan. 31, 2011 00:32:20

Peter B.
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[Mspgcc-users] copyright on upstream patches

In all the excitement of getting the new version out, I forgot I'd been
asked to provide a header on the patch files that apply to the upstream
distributions (binutils, gcc, gdb) explicitly noting that the material
therein was copyright Free Software Foundation and subject to licensing
restrictions of the upstream distribution (presumably GPL). This is
consistent with everything I've been able to find in the source repositories
from CVS onward. Such a notice is expected to simplify the lives of
downstream repackagers.

If anybody out there knows of anybody else who claims a separate copyright
to material in mspgcc or mspgcc4 (not including msp430-libc), or has an
objection to this plan, please let me know. Otherwise such a header will go
in any future releases of upstream patch files.

Maybe someday we can even push all this stuff upstream and life will be

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