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#1 March 25, 2008 20:18:52

Steven P.
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[Sdcc-user] Cypress FX2LP - problem after upgrading from sdcc-2.6.0

Greetings All,

sdcc-2.6.0 was successfully compiling code for a Cypress FX2LP chip until
it hit this bug - SIGSEGV using auto variable.

This spurred me to upgrade to sdcc-2.8.0 (currently using #5117). However,
since doing that, I've come across another problem. The code is loaded
successfully into the FX2LP, but after reset, it behaves unpredictably -
often not renumerating properly and thus not appearing on the USB bus.

Rolling back to a previous version of my code allows sdcc-2.6.0 to compile
it without the SIGSEGV using auto variable problem. This previous version
of my code still exhibits the second problem when compiling with
sdcc-2.8.0. This allows comparison between the output of the two sdcc

There is a difference between the main .rst files as follows:

438 .area HOME (CODE)
0000 439 __interrupt_vect:
0000 02 00 67 440 ljmp __sdcc_gsinit_startup

447 .area HOME (CODE)
0064 448 __interrupt_vect:
0064 02 00 6C 449 ljmp __sdcc_gsinit_startup

I assume that HOME is meant to be the start of the code segment and that it
should start at address 0000? Why does sdcc-2.8.0 start the interrupt
vector table at 0064? Am I misunderstanding something?

Any other pointers for where I can look to solve this problem would be
greatly appreciated.


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