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#1 March 24, 2008 12:52:59

mario r.
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Update release 0.1.1 of Evoque Templating

Version 0.1.1 of Evoque is now available.

This is mostly a bug-fix release. See complete change log from:http://evoque.gizmojo.org/download/Other than fixes, it may be worthwhile to mention the addition of a
recipe for using Evoque Templating with Django, see:http://evoque.gizmojo.org/ext/django/What is Evoque Templating?
In addition to legitimately contending to being the fastest pure-python
text templating engine (see benchmark) Evoque is a full-featured and
framework-independent templating system for python with some important
features not offered by other systems, such as automatic input quoting
and guaranteed XSS protection, restricted template execution mode to be
able to expose your templates to untrusted editors, processing is
always and only done in unicode, etc (see features). Evoque weighs in
under 1K source lines of code, and is licensed under the Academic Free
License version 3.0.
http://evoque.gizmojo.org/benchmark/http://evoque.gizmojo.org/features/http://evoque.gizmojo.org/Best regards, mario

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