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#1 Jan. 10, 2011 10:21:11

Vaclav P.
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[Sdcc-user] How to define DSEG length ? ASlink error

Hello all,
I tried very simple project with two files for HC08 port. In main.c there is
main() which calls func1() from func.c.

In func.lst there is following:
57 ; ram data
59 .area DSEG
0000 60 _main_sloc0_1_0:
0000 61 .ds 1
0001 62 _main_sloc1_1_0:
0001 63 .ds 2

This lines cause me the error message below:
D:\V\hc08_multifile>sdld -pf main
-b HOME = 0xE000
-b DSEG = 0x0080
-b BSEG = 0x0000
-k d:\v\sw\sdcc\lib\hc08
-k d:\v\sw\sdcc\bin\..\lib\hc08
-l hc08

?ASlink-Error-Could not get 3 consecutive bytes in internal RAM for area DSEG.

Does anybody know how to properly set the linker script ?

Thank you,

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