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Front-End Web Development Position(s)

Hello all,

We at CaspianSolutions, have couple of full-time Front-End Web
Development positions with a start-up company here in Palo Alto.

Job Description:

• 4+ years of experience in an Engineering position.
• Experience in Django/Python highly desired.
• Deep knowledge of web: AJAX/JSON/Javascript/CSS 3/XHTML/HTML5/ Web
2.0 is highly desirable and required.
• Ideally would be well versed in both Django/Python and Front-end
engineering and capable of building easy-to-use, fast, flexible, front
end interface.
• BS in Computer Science or similar with high GPA.
• Must enjoy both working independently and enjoy working within a
close team setting.
• Have passion for social networks and comfortable working in a start-
up fast growing environment.
• The candidate will be amongst the first few members of the team. You
should have the commitment and passion for what you do.
• Salary: $90k-$130k for qualified candidates plus full benefits and
many other perks.

If this position sounds interesting to you, please feel free to send
your latest resume to
djangoj...@caspiansolutions.com or call us directly at 408-963-5134.

Thank you,

Caspian Solutions Inc.
Sunnyvale, CAhttp://www.caspiansolutions.com--
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