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#1 Dec. 3, 2010 19:04:57

Joakim H.
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Debug internalization


I am trying to use Djangos internalization framework - but struggling
a bit ...

In my settings.py file I have:

("en" , ugettext("English")),
("no" , ugettext("Norwegian")),
("sv" , ugettext("Swedish")),
("dk" , ugettext("Danish")))



In my view I have:

from django.utils.translation import ugettext

def view_local(request):
msg = ugettext("Local message")
return render_to_context(....)

Now my problem is that the ugettext() function will only return the
literal input string, whatever I pass it. In the beginning I of course
passed in strings I had a translation for, but e.g.

msg = ugettext("Message_without_any_translation")

will just work "fine". So I guess I wonder if it is possible to get
some debug info from this, i.e. in development mode I would prefer the
ugettext() function to crash and burn if the msgid can not be found
instead of just return the msgid. Any tips on this?

Regards Joakim

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