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#1 Dec. 7, 2010 22:12:06

Big Y.
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Is this a good practice, or is it just plain stupid?

Hi everyone,

I hope that this group is the good one for this kind of questions.
So today, I decided to write a tiny django app (in less than 5 minutes
actually) that
helps me add views arguments to templates contexts automatically.

For eg.

def latest_tagged_objects(request, obj, limit, tag): """ Displays
the 'limit' latest objects 'obj' tagged with 'tag' """ # Retrieve these
objects #create a context that will include the args passed to this
view along with #other variables context = dict( obj=obj, limit=limit,
tag=tag, #Other variables here )

I do this often. i.e. add views arguments to my context, so I wanted to
write a

middleware and a context processor that will do it for me.

I wrote this:https://github.com/initpy/django-viewctxWith this app I can omit 'obj', 'limit', and 'tag' in the previous

dict and have them available in my template as: {{view.kwargs.obj}},

and {{view.kwargs.tag}}

It was so simple that I'm still wondering if it is a good practice or
just stupid.

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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  • » Is this a good practice, or is it just plain stupid? [RSS Feed]

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