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#1 Dec. 9, 2010 20:30:12

Margie R.
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SQL mystery with INNER JOIN?

I'm diving into the sql that is being generated by django and am
having trouble understanding something. Could someone give me a
hand? Say I have a Book class like this:

class Book(models.Model):
readers = models.ManyToMany('auth.user', blank=True, null=True)

Let's say for a given book object I do this:
readers = book.readers.count()

When I look at the sql via db.connection.queries, I see this:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM auth_user INNER JOIN myapp_book_readers ON
(auth_user.id = myapp_book_readers.user_id) WHERE
myapp_book_readers.book_id` = 15

Why does the sql need to do an INNER JOIN with the auth_user table?
Why isn't the query simly this?

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM book_readers WHERE book_readers.book_id = 15

Any pointers appreciated, thanks!


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