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#1 Dec. 23, 2010 00:08:12

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Modifying default permissions given to a model

Hello All:

I am creating a model that should only be 'read-only' in the admin.
That is, the only way to add new records in the database for this
model is through the code, not manually.

However, I would like the admin user to be able to view entries in
this model. An example of such a model would be a system log - users
can't write to a system log, but they can view it.

So I would like to know of a way to prevent 'add' permissions being
added to models in this application - in other words, modify the
default permissions set by the django admin application.

Currently I am manually removing "add" permissions by listening to the
post_save signal, but this doesn't remove the permissions from the
django "add users" form, and am thinking of writing a SQL hack to
remove these permissions as part of manage.py syncdb, but I'm hoping
there is a simpler way to do this.

Thanks for any pointers.

Django version: 1.2.3

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