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#1 Dec. 24, 2010 13:18:58

Michel T.
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Django comments posted template and ajax calls

Hi guys,

First of all, merry christmas for all of you ;)

I using an ajax approach to show the comments form. I need to mix this
approach with a common approach, this is not a problem for the preview
page because I can create app specific templates (i.e. "comments/app/
preview.html" instead of "comments/preview.html").

The problem occurs with the posted.html template. It is not app
dependent and this way I can't have a "comments/app/posted.html".

I need to show some code for specific type objects and other code for
general ones. Is it good to comment's posted.html template be app
dependent? I can fix it and send a patch to the dev team. Do you have
another suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Michel Sabchuk

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