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#1 Dec. 27, 2010 15:41:02

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Problem with spliting project into meaningfull apps.

Hey, I have problem with dividing my project into apps that have
point, I have database that consist of :
- news
- reviews
- predictions
- articles
- download
- games
- gallery
- categories
- users
- comments
- producer

I’ve grouped them like that:
1. Content Management app
2. Comments Management app
3. Games Management
4. Users Management

I want to split my project in logical way, that I could reuse my apps
later on.

News, reviews, articles, predictions are almost the same, so they are
inheriting from news all fields and if needed they add own fields.

I have problem with Content management, I don’t know I should use 1
big model or divide it into few smaller apps inside app?

Content Management app does only render and save database, so
functions inside view are redundant ;/ ( read from database, save to
database), only thing that is different is a model name. Is there a
way to simplify that by using one function?

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  • » Problem with spliting project into meaningfull apps. [RSS Feed]

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