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satyandra b.
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Together we can make a difference


This year make a resolution that lasts not for a week, not for a month, not
for a lifetime, but FOREVER. Start this decade with a good.. Help someone to
see the MISSING COLOURS in their life.

A startup NGO is conducting a survey to analyze trends about EYE DONATION
and ITS AWARENESS IN INDIA to come up with some innovative solution to
support the cause.

All you need to do is spend 4 minutes of your precious time for filling out
this survey @ *http://www.eyedonation.in/survey*

You can help them by:

1. Filling out online survey @ *http://www.eyedonation.in/survey*2. Asking your friends, family member of any age group to fill this survey

3. Postinghttp://www.eyedonation.into your Social Network ex. Facebook,
Twitter, Orkut etc.

4. Forwarding this email to your group.

For more details you can subscribe athttp://www.eyedonation.inREMEMBER: Your small steps can make big changes to someone’s life... spare
some of your time for someone's better life...

* *Please send this message which can help someone see. * *

"Helping hands are better than Praying Lips".

Pass this, to all you know, & whom you don't know.. together we can and, we
will make a difference!

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