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#1 Jan. 10, 2011 13:11:17

Raony A.
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current app problem with inclusion_tag


i'm having problems with namespace url resolution and inclusion tags,
to say that i have multiple copies of an app deployed, each with its
app_name and reversing urls does work well when the current_app
parameter is set.

also, the {% url %} template tag works well when the current_app is
set on the request context object.

the problem is with templates rendered with inclusion_tags, inside the
Library class code, a new context is created and the current_app is
not preserved in it (it does not matter if the "takes_context" is set)
making further use of {% url %} break, resolving to the default app of
the namespace.

i think this is a bug, but i didn't see it in the django tickets, and
seems this is still happening in the development version.

thanks in advance.

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