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#1 Jan. 24, 2011 11:05:18

Ivo B.
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Django/Cherokee performance on vServer

I am running a Django Site behind Cherokee on a vServer and I have 6 of these
threads (started by Cherokee)

python /pathToMy/manage.py runfcgi protocol=scgi host= port=58944

My vServer runs on Debian and has 256 MB RAM.

At the moment, when I test the performance it is ok, but I don’t know what
happens, when there will be more users...there will not be much traffic on the
side, but still I was wondering if I can do anything to boost performance like
starting a the scgi process with threaded support or is cherokee already doing
this? (because there 6 instances running)

(I will x-post on the cherokee list)

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