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#1 Jan. 24, 2011 20:58:18

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MultipleChoiceField Edit form Error

Hello All,

I am having a problem with my MultipleChoiceField. I have my model
field, form field and choices listed below. When I select choices 1-9,
the edit form shows that these choices have been checked (i.e. save
the form, then view the form for editing again, the previously checked
check boxes are checked and this works using CheckboxSelectMultiple or
the standard Multiple Select Widget). However, when I chose choices 10
or 11 (or beyond), the list gets saved to my table field just fine
(), but when I view the form for editing, choice 11
(UK) is not checked.

It appears that when my Choice is a two digit number (in string
format) it saves just fine, but when the html is being rendered for
the form, the checked attribute is not being checked properly for the
last items.

I also tried changing choice 1 to 12 and that broke it, but then
worked when changed back to 1. Everything saves fine in the table, but
is not rendered correctly and the template tag I wrote to display the
selected choices works just fine with those higher number choices.


targetmarkets = models.CharField(max_length=255, blank=True)

('1', 'Europe'),
('2', 'Asia'),
('3', 'North America'),
('4', 'South America'),
('5', 'Africa'),
('6', 'Canada'),
('7', 'USA'),
('8', 'East Europe'),
('9', 'West Europe'),
('10', 'Australasia'),
('11', 'UK'),


targetmarkets = forms.MultipleChoiceField(required=False,
widget=forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple, choices=TARGETMARKETS_CHOICES)

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