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#1 Jan. 28, 2011 23:42:26

Simon W.
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Are there any Django events we're missing on Lanyrd?

Hi everyone,

My main project at the moment is Lanyrd, the social conference
directory. It's a site that helps you find conferences to attend or
speak at, and that enables you to build a profile of talks you've
given and events you've attended in the past.

There's just one problem: right now we only know of 5 upcoming Django
events, worldwide:http://lanyrd.com/topics/django/Compare to other technical topics, that's not very impressive:http://lanyrd.com/topics/php/http://lanyrd.com/topics/drupal/http://lanyrd.com/topics/ruby/Are there any events that we're missing? You can add them yourselves
(don't forget to attach the Django topic) or alternatively tip me off
via email and I'll add them myself.

We're also very interested in past events. We have 37 for Django at
the moment - again, if there are any missing I'd love to have them on
the site:http://lanyrd.com/topics/django/past/Finally, as a public service announcement we do have Atom feeds of
most of our pages, so if you want to hear about Django events as they
are announced you can subscribe directly to the above page.

We also collect videos / slides / etc - we have 47 session videos in
our Django collection which are worth browsing through, and we're keen
on gathering more:http://lanyrd.com/topics/django/video/We even have video from the first event after Django was released to
the public, way back in 2005!http://lanyrd.com/2005/snakes-and-rubies/Cheers,


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  • » Are there any Django events we're missing on Lanyrd? [RSS Feed]

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