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#1 June 17, 2010 21:14:02

Aron R.
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Problems With Grab in Custom Dropdown (Like ComboBox)

Our project is pegged to Gtk+2.16 on win32. I have copied much of the
relevant list mode code from gtkcombobox.c to create a popup off a
GtkToggleToolButton. I do not need a cell_view so I did not copy that.
It works well except if I focus a window from another application while
the popup is shown the popup does not close and ever after the main
window of my application is forced to be above all other windows. I must
have missed something that does a popdown on outside window group event
and releases the grab. For clarity it does popdown when I click
elsewhere in the application's main window. My understanding of grabs is
apparently poor and I cannot seem to find a thorough description in Gtk,
Gdk, or wm_spec.

Thank you for any help,

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  • » Problems With Grab in Custom Dropdown (Like ComboBox) [RSS Feed]

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