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#1 Dec. 7, 2010 17:02:34

Ken W.
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GtkOffscreenWindow and events


I'm trying to use those great GtkOffscreenWindows. I've just replaced the
traditional *GtkWindow*(*GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL*) and the *expose_event*
with *GtkOffscreenWindow
*and *damage_event.*
So far it works well: I can get the image of the window.

Now what I want to do is to send events to my offscreen window. I've tried
for hours without result.
My latest attempt was to use *gtk_main_do_event() *but I get 2 gdk cast
errors per call. I don't have the exact message right here. It was something
like: gdk critical error, assertion failed. not a gdkwindow.

I would be very grateful if you had any idea to share about how to send
events to an offscreen window?

My system is Windows 7 and I use GTK 2.2 with CodeBlocks.

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