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#1 Dec. 10, 2010 17:21:33

Maciej R.
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Html from Gtk.TextBuffer and Gtk.TextTag

Dear List,

recently I have started to code a text editor. At the end the text will
be published to blogger, so html encoding is desired.
How should I approach that in vala?
I have found on gnome-blog's source that TextTags in rich_entry.py are
created with opening_tag and closing_tag. Before publishing, html
converting is done through a TextBuffer. Those opening and closing tags
are used:
in rich_entry.py
> html_converter.para_tag = self.buffer.create_tag("p")
> html_converter.para_tag.opening_tag = "<p>"
> html_converter.para_tag.closing_tag = "</p>"
in html_converter.py
> def getHTML(buffer):
> global para_tag
> next_iter = buffer.get_start_iter()
> open_tags =
> html = "<p>" + _getTagsHTML(next_iter, open_tags)
> while not next_iter.is_end():
> iter = next_iter
> next_iter = _getNextIter(iter)
> new_text = buffer.get_text(iter, next_iter, True)
> html = html + new_text + _getTagsHTML(next_iter, open_tags)
> return html.decode('utf8')
Should I do the same in vala?

Best Regards,
Maciek Rumianowski (rumianom)

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