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HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL

HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL

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HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410


OEM-Ref.: C9351C-Nr.21 XL

Emstar is a brand of the Austrian company Embatex AG, one of the leading European manufacturers of compatible toner cartridges, ink tanks and cartridges for ink jet printers with many years of experience in this production. The manufacturing cycle of each cartridge is completed only after a series of individual tests for functionality of the cartridge and quality of the printout: density, contrast, etc. Emstar offers one of the widest product range of compatible consumables in Europe. Thanks to research and production technologies, Emstar guarantees very high quality and reliability. For Embatex AG the most important thing is that the products it manufactures are comparable in quality with the original printer consumables. Therefore, the production of ink cartridges Emstar is done with most modern equipment under extremely precise production conditions. For the production of a cartridge branded Emstar, the company uses products only of leading European, American and Japanese manufacturers.

Model-Overview HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410
Color black
Filling Capacity 20ml
Page Yield 603 (ISO)
Specific Capacity 1.0
Temperature +5°C to +35°C boxed
Warranty 2 years
Weight 68g

Compatible with:

Deskjet 3910/3920/3930/3930V/3940/D1360/D1460/D1470/D1560/D2330/D2360/D2430/D2460/F370/F375/F380/F2180/F2187/F2280/F4180/F4172/F4180/F4190, Officejet 4315/4355/J3680/J5520, PSC 1402/1410/1410V/1410XI/1415/1417, Fax 3180

Common Models
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HP DeskJet 3915
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HP DeskJet 3920
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HP DeskJet F 4100 Series
HP DeskJet F 4135
HP DeskJet F 4140
HP DeskJet F 4150
HP DeskJet F 4172
HP DeskJet F 4175
HP DeskJet F 4180
HP DeskJet F 4185
HP DeskJet F 4188
HP DeskJet F 4190
HP DeskJet F 4194
HP Fax 1250
HP Fax 1250 XI
HP OfficeJet 1410
HP OfficeJet 1410 XI
HP OfficeJet 4300 Series
HP OfficeJet 4311
HP OfficeJet 4312
HP OfficeJet 4314
HP OfficeJet 4315
HP OfficeJet 4315 V
HP OfficeJet 4315 XI
HP OfficeJet 4317
HP OfficeJet 4319
HP OfficeJet 4352
HP OfficeJet 4353
HP OfficeJet 4355
HP OfficeJet 4357
HP OfficeJet 4359
HP OfficeJet 4625
HP OfficeJet 4638
HP OfficeJet 4712
HP OfficeJet 4713
HP OfficeJet J 3600 Series
HP OfficeJet J 3608
HP OfficeJet J 3625
HP OfficeJet J 3635
HP OfficeJet J 3640
HP OfficeJet J 3680
HP OfficeJet J 5508
HP OfficeJet J 5520
HP PSC 1400 Series
HP PSC 1401
HP PSC 1402
HP PSC 1403
HP PSC 1406
HP PSC 1408
HP PSC 1410
HP PSC 1410 V
HP PSC 1410 XI
HP PSC 1415
HP PSC 1417


Embatex is certified according to:
EMAS III VO (EG) Nr.1221/2009
ÖNORM EN ISO 14001 : 2004
The Nordic Ecolabel
DIN 33870/DIN33871-1
ISO 19752 : 2004
ISO 19798 : 2006
ISO 24711 : 2006

Embatex receives Green Award for project

Aftermarket company Embatex AG has been awarded the “GREEN AWARD 2011” by Ebiz Egovernment Award (E-Award). The award was with regards to their work on the project “Recycling of high capacity cartridges”.

The focus of the awards for 2011 was IT and technology solutions, with energy saving, environmental protection and showing sustainable, positive changes for humanity, economy and environment. The E-Award judges remarked on Embatex AG’s capacity to “swim against the stream – successfully for many years”, and being able to bring “local recycling [that delivers] large economies of scale” and a “local marker for our throwaway society”.

The company continues to show its commitment to environmental products, having achieved the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification for several of its remanufactured Emstar brand toner this year.

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HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL


Filling Capacity20ml
Page Yield603 (ISO)
Specific Capacity1.0
Temperature+5°C.... +35°C boxed
OEM-Ref.C9351C-Nr.21 XL

HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL

HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL

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HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL

HP Deskjet 3910/3920/3940/PSC 1410 C9351C-Nr.21 XL

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