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Shipping Information

The following are the "Shipping Information" for the sale of "Products" by Develissimo and it's "Customers".

FREE International Shipping on orders with a package weight lower than 2.5kg and > EUR 88€ - USD 127.60$ - GBP 79.2£ - calculated by currency exchange rate.

You are able to choose the free shipping option on orders greater than 88EUR. If you do choose this option the shipment will be delivered with best international postal service available. If you do prefer another shipment methode, you will be able to choose one of the following in the checkout process. But you as a customer have to carry the shipping costs for your special shipping decision.

Shipping Options


Only those shipping methods ready to deliver your order will be presented during checkout process.


When will shipment costs be added to TOTAL SUM?

The shipment costs will be added in the end of the checkout process. You as a customer will be able to choose your shipping option (FREE if > 88EUR, Standard, Fedex Economy or Fedex International Priority).

Why cant you tell me the shipping costs right here right now?

Because the shipping options and costs get evaluated on some values which are only available during checkout process.

This values are:

Will there be any extra fees or costs charged for my ordering?

No! You will only pay as much as you see during the checkout process. Our payment is done via PayPal (for security reasons). For this you will do your final payment on a secure PayPal link at the end of the checkout process. So you will be able to stop the checkout process if you like to stop your ordering as long as you haven't finished your payment via PayPal.

Payment through PayPal or Direct-Bank-Transfer

For those of you who trust in develissimo, because maybe you already know our service, you can choose between "PayPal" or "Direct-Bank-Transfer" - payment. In the checkout process you will be able to select one of them. Please take the one you feel better with.

If you do have any further questions on the checkout process, please don't hesitate to contact us:

To contact us please use this Contact - Form.
We will answer you as soon as possible.

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